SCOMDEX : [Surabaya Computer and Dealer Exhibition]

Friday, October 30, 2009. Exhibition Computer and computer equipment was held in Surabaya. Exactly on the border of Surabaya and Sidoarjo.
SCOMDEX held at "Jatim Expo" ran festive and crowded.
Exhibition Computer [SCOMDEX] was held 6 days, from 30 October to 04 November.
Friday's, I and my friends came to review the exhibition there, and saw the computer equipment items which I think is very useful.

Many laptops are exhibited by the vendor or the famous brands, such as TOSHIBA, SONY VAIO, HP, Acer and many more brands that compete with the best to be the best. No wonder my thumbs-up for a lot of vendors now offer the kind of laptop. I reached confused choosing which laptop when I bought, ha ... ha ... ha ...! Goods that are sold too cheaply and be relatively efficient. There are reaching 50% discount, and variety of a bargain than usual.

I found a Flash Disk that looks quite unique, there is a form of sandal and also shaped belt.
Flash Disk is also offered relatively inexpensive, you have enough budget to get a direct IDR90.000 Flash Disk with 4Gigabyte capacity. With the many brands we can choose.
And brand V-Gen Memory, Micro SD issue with 32GB capacity.
Much we can be in the Computer Exhibition "SCOMDEX". 

You are curious about the others? Let's come before 04 November 2009.

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1 Response to "SCOMDEX : [Surabaya Computer and Dealer Exhibition]"

  1. ame says:
    1 November 2009 10.18

    So you are in Surabaya? I'm in Surabaya too.. Maybe I'll go there on Monday. I won't come today (Sunday) because it wil be too crowded there :) I'm looking for laptop. Do they have ASUS too? I'm looking for ASUS

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