Good Day for HEROES !!! Spirit for HEROES !!!

Good day hero! For Indonesia, for the nation and state. Heroes have fought this fight with Indonesia state homeland spirit of the freedom fighters.
Especially in the city of Surabaya, on November 10, commemorated "Heroes Day".
Striving to preserve the state and nation.
Defend the homeland of Indonesia.
Fighting against the occupiers, determined spirit "arek - arek Suroboyo".  Surabaya city of heroes. In the city of Surabaya, there are many heroes who fought against the invaders, for the sake of his own nation's independence of Indonesia. 

In Surabaya, clashes between the city of Surabaya with the Dutch. Where there is betting colony in the hands of the Dutch.
However, "arek - arek Suroboyo" not in the relentless drive of the city's occupiers.
With taken by Bung Tomo, the spirit of "arek - arek Suroboyo" into flame.

In Surabaya, the Dutch flag hoisted, Red-White-Blue, at the Hotel Yamato, has given birth Tunjungan incident, which sparked raging armed clashes between British troops with the struggle bodies formed by the people. Armed clashes with British troops in Surabaya, culminating with the murder of Brigadier General Mallaby, (led British troops to East Java), on October 30.
Bung Tomo and Surabaya community struggled to tear the flag of the Red-White-Blue to Red and White. 

Until now still remembered in Jalan Tunjungan, precisely Hotel Majapahit.
Blood is red, and white means Bones. Which means that the blood spilled fighting for the nation from colonial Indonesia to the struggle that evokes the mind-body.

  And now there is Tugu Pahlawan is located in downtown Surabaya. Commemorated every 10 November "Heroes Day"

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2 Response to "Good Day for HEROES !!! Spirit for HEROES !!!"

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  2. ame says:
    11 November 2009 20.48

    GReAT PoST !
    Long live for surabaya :)

    Good Day Heroes for Indonesia :)

    By the way, I came to Scomdex and bought a notebook :) What did you buy there?

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