Make Avatar on your Web Blog

Here are the steps in creating your Avatar in the blog, before you need to have Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.
Here I discuss using GIMP. Let us follow his steps:
The first step, open software GIMP or Adobe Photoshop on your PC screen or laptop. And make sure you have a photo with one of these sizes 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720 and up. Was after, select the picture you want to be your avatar editing. Click "File", then "Open" and select the image you want to change.

Next, right click on the object image, select "Image" and click the "Scale Image".
Image scale is used to change the form of images, a small or large.
Change the object's image by zooming out or zoom to your liking. Adjust the size to just be your avatar.
Furthermore, the menu "Toolbars", click the "Crop Tool". "Crop Tool" function to cut the image to the size you want. Then, select the size 198x198. Organize your photos as you wish. After a 198x198 size, add the design "Add D├ęcor" by their size - each length and width 1px. Finally, the avatar is ready for upload Good luck!  And the result is ... (Can Be change 200x200, 160x160, 100x100, etc)

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3 Response to "Make Avatar on your Web Blog"

  1. Daniel DPK says:
    18 Oktober 2009 18.22

    nice post..i've tried somany time to change my avatar,but always what should i do?
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  2. Gipho Hipho says:
    18 Oktober 2009 19.33

    what is wrong when you do make a avatar?
    Which part failed when creating a avatar?
    Thank you friend, this is just mini article... =)

  3. Qori' Azizul Hakim says:
    7 November 2009 22.53

    nice blog... have a nice day... blogwalking... i hope you came visit me back...

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