Pro or Con? about the arrival of Maria "Miyabi" Ozawa to Indonesia?

Maria Ozawa or better known as Miyabi. Japanese Porn Star is planning to visit Indonesia. Arrival Miyabi or Maria Ozawa to Indonesia is to play comedy film made by Raditya Dika (author's novel best seller Indonesia "Kambing J antan"). The plan, Raditya Dika make a movie titled "Menculik Miyabi", starring Maria Ozawa. The film was produced by Maxima Film Production, and planned for release mid-December.
However, in Indonesia this much action on Maria Ozawa refusal to come to Indonesia. MUI (Indonesian Ulama Council) also refused to come to the arrival of Indonesian Miyabi. Many refused to come, because Miyabi is a porn star famous in Japan. Many action rejection, and there is also a welcoming Maria Ozawa (Miyabi) came to Indonesia.
Miyabi who will plan to come to Indonesia in late September and threatened canceled because a lot of controversy about the arrival of Miyabi. Declared null and now to come to Indonesia because many are rejected for the arrival.
According to you, whether Pro or Con Maria Ozawa coming to Indonesia? Vote your Voice!

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6 Response to "Pro or Con? about the arrival of Maria "Miyabi" Ozawa to Indonesia?"

  1. ×÷·´¯`·.·•[ peace ]•·.·´¯`·÷× says:
    14 Oktober 2009 21.54

    i love u full miyabi.....

  2. Rossy R says:
    14 Oktober 2009 22.07

    Gak jadi dia datang ke Indonesia..horeeeee

  3. Siluman Says:
    15 Oktober 2009 03.01

    porn star o.0

  4. Raxen Vrathdar says:
    15 Oktober 2009 13.52

    It's better we hold a refusal gathering. We should keep Indonesia on profile, don't make what's already worse become more jerks!

  5. lusi says:
    18 Oktober 2009 21.14

    Good one :)

  6. pandawa says:
    26 Oktober 2009 21.11
    walking here

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