Now! Friendster has been owned by Malaysia

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MOL Global is based in Asia has been buying Friendster. Service provider of online payment solutions that Malaysia has purchased all shares of Friendster.
This does not incorporate the company MOL with Friendster, but it was original owned MOL.
However, Friendster is still running as usual. MOL plans to add new features to Friendster, to attract many visitors.

MOL is the owner of the Malaysian tycoon named Tan Sri Vincent Tan with earnings of about $ 1, 8 billion.
MOL currently has more than 500,000 virtual payment channels, and serve in 75 countries around the world, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

MOL generate Friendster, Friendster since the end of this began to disappear with the arrival Facebook.
Until now, Friendster is more than 100 million Internet users in the world.

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