Drawing World Cup 2010

Picture From : http://guardian.co.uk

Saturday (05/12) World Cup 2010 drawing was held in South Africa.

Cape Town to witness drawing of the state. Satisfactory drawing results, the state strictly to compete with the group occupying easy.

However, the result is not drawing bring to the hell's grup. The result, Kaka and Ronaldo will clash in Group G.

Brazil and Portugal will be a big fight matches in South Africa 2010 World Cup.

And the England group failed to go to hell. The Three Lions in the Group C with the United States, Algeria and Slovenia.

2006 World Cup champion Italy did not get hard resistance from rival teams in Group F, namely Slovakia, New Zealand, and Paraguay.

Countries - the largest country was scattered throughout the Group, and do not gather a hell's group.

This is expected in June with the start of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Final Results Draw 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa:

Group A : South Africa - Mexico - Uruguay - France

Group B : Argentina - Nigeria - South Korea - Greece

Group C : English - United States - Algeria - Slovenia

Group D : Germany - Australia - Serbia - Ghana

Group E : Netherlands - Denmark - Japan - Cameroon

Group F : Italy - Paraguay - New Zealand - Slovakia

Group G : Brazil - North Korea - Ivory Coast - Portugal

Group H : Spain - Switzerland - Honduras - Chile

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