Minal Aidin Walfa Idzin (1 Syawal 1430H)

Everyone must have a mistake, whether it is bad or not bad.
In the holy month of this full, in the month of Ramadan.
We have run the command from Allah SWT for 30 days.

Fasting is to keep one's temper, emotions, and passions. And also we have to implement Zakat Al-Fitr to those who can not afford. The most important and should be run Prayer five times during the month of ramadan.

Therefore our lives must have a mistake.
Here Gipho Hipho say:
"Minal Aidin Walfa Idzin"

Catatan Kecil Ku
The Picture Award Iedul Firei From :

1. Riski
2. Aryo Halim
3. Yesa
4. Iptek-Online
5. Ihsan Mufthi
6. Rival Aditya
7. Thebengbeng
8. Donny
9. BocilBeginner
10. Setiyo
11. Mas Doyok
12. Yomaeka
13. Ismi
14. Njowotenan
15. Burhan
16. Brorio
17. Gipho Hipho


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