Indemnification 3 MU Tickets

GSM card company 3 (Three) owned by PT Hutchison Telecommunications, will return the money the audience Manchester United. This exchange can be redeemed at the nearest 3Store on 14 to 20 September 2009. PT Hutchison tried to indemnify this ticket, because Manchester United to cancel a visit to Indonesia in July.
"We must replace this loss, so that customers comfortable in the use of the card 3 and the customer does not lose in this case." Said the related parties 3.
Customers simply show their ID cards and the number Three in the nearest 3Store, and customers will receive a customized ticket price is Rp 400,000 category 1, category 2 Rp 250,000, and category 3 Rp 100,000 for a standard ticket.
And Three parties have agreed that the Three will continue to work together until the 2012 season.

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2 Response to "Indemnification 3 MU Tickets"

  1. reiyo says:
    20 September 2009 01.39

    minal aizin walfaidzin mohon maaf lahir dan batin,, jika saya ada salah mohon di maafkan ya brow,, -reiyo-

  2. Gipho Hipho says:
    20 September 2009 01.47

    oh my god ... SPAM !!! hahaha ... yes .. same2 for you , Minal Aidin Walfa Idzin ... !!

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