New Term in The Dictionary OXFORD

Who does not know OXFORD? OXFORD is a dictionary that is widely used by the user dictionary in the World.

On the Internet presents many words - new words in daily conversation - day.
OXFORD Dictionary issued a new edition with a few words relating to the Internet.
Sample course on Facebook, 'Unfriend' is a term used to remove someone in a network of friends.

Twitter and in the word 'Tweetsups' was meeting friends for conversation or dialogue.
There is also a word - in other words, published by OXFORD University come from economic, political, and fashion.

And this is the word - the latest word from the Dictionary OXFORD :

- Bossnapping
- Zombie Bank
- Jeggings
- Staycation
- Freemium
- Tag Cloud
- Slashdot Effect
- Snollygoster
- Redact
- Epigenome

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