Independence Day : "MERDEKA!"

Do not feel we tread on 17 August 2009, Indonesia is the nation celebrates the independence of Indonesia to 64. Already 64 years old age of Indonesia, and hero of independence have long we leave us.
We must be happy with this, because the struggle for Indonesia has been taken by the hero - our hero up to now.
Indonesia already experiencing up to a hundred years of colonization, for example, the Dutch have to colonize Indonesia 365 years and the country - other countries.
We must be concerned and should be proud of the struggle of heroes - heroes of our struggle until the end point of blood.
Our first President, Ir. Soekarno of Indonesia exempt from imperialist attack. Ir. Indonesia Soekarno deliver the proclamation read aloud text.
And, to Indonesia I proud of this country until now that is rich with culture this can be free from imperialist attack.

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