How to make Chicklet Template

How to create Chicklet:

First, make sure you have the software GIMP on your computer or laptop.

After you install the GIMP, go work in the area GIMP.
Select File, select New and select the template size 78 x 13. In fact we choose the size 80 x 15, but that can be Border so we subtract 2 pixels each - the length and width to be 78 x 13.

Then click on re-arrange in the box with broken line, navigate to the area you work and adjust the model you choose.
Then, click the paint bucket to color your template. After that, click on the text which is symbolized with the letter "A".
Next, type the text you want.
And the last is "Add Border" in your template. Click Filter> Decor> Add Border. Size X and Y we select X = 1 and Y = 1, and select the border color that you like and click "OK".
Finally, save your file with the extension GIMP. ".Jpg". For example, save with the name "gipho.jpg". Export and select Ok.

So, congratulations to try!

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