Harry Potter HALF-BLOOD Prices

Harry Potter, a film by many in the audience waiting to be anywhere.
This film is a film to volume 6 of the previous Harry potter film.
Harrry Potter and the half-blood prince can occupy the top level of any film.
This film recounts, Voldemort Muggle world and the witch, Hogwarts is no longer safe. Harry suspected hazards also threaten the castle, but Dumbledore himself more intensely to prepare for the last battle soon to arrive. Together they explore ways to overthrow Voldemort defense, and for this, Dumbledore ever recruited friend Professor Horace Slughorn, who believe he knows a lot of important information

Meanwhile, Harry has a crush on Ginny, so also with Dean Thomas. Lavender Brown becomes Ron decided kekasihnya. Hermione, full of jealousy, but can not determine the content of his heart. When romantisme merebak, students select one of fixed itself. He chose the way black. Although a lot of love but the tragedy in front of the eyes and Hogwarts will not be the same.
Watch your pet at the cinema!

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